1C/O Foot Path from badoi to Dad37 Lac
2C/O Main Road to Parking-----
3C/O Retaining Wall Near Langer9.64 Lac
4C/O Ceiling of Yatri Sadan1 Lac
5C/O Barbed Wire Fencing at Aadi Himani Chamunda19.42 Lac

Project General Details

Ropeway Starts from Padar Village (Adjacent to Nandi Keshwar Temple) and last terminal is 150 meter before Aadi Himani Chamunda Temple of Kangra, Himachal Pardesh

1Ropeway Project Developer Usha Breco Chamunda Devi Ropeway Private Limited
2In Association with Tourism Department, Government of Himachal Pradesh
3 Project awarded Agreement signed on 5th June 2015
4Project Estimated Cost 289 Cr

Project Technical Details –

1Ropeway Capacity600 Passenger Per Hour
2Total Terminal Stations3 (Starting Terminal T1, Middle Terminal T2 and Upper Terminal T3)
3Ropeway sections 2 No
4Section 1 Length4217 Meter
5Section 2 Length 1401 Meter
6 Section 1 Elevation Difference1067.5 M
7 Section 2 Elevation Difference661.45 M
8Towers in Section 117 No (including station towers)
9Towers in Section 2 7 No (including station towers)
10Tower Maximum height40.5 Meter
11Maximum Span Section 1582 Meter
12 Maximum Span Section 2 767 Meter
13Drive for both Section :At Terminal 2 (Mid Terminal)
14 Drive Motor KW Section 1523 KW
15 Drive Motor KW Section 2 344 KW
16Ropeway Speed 6 Meter / Sec
17 Haulage Rope Diameter 48 mm

Estimated Power Requirement

1At Terminal T1 -250KVA
2At Terminal T2 -1600KVA
3At Terminal T3 - 80KVA

Note On Himani Chamunda Project

Himani Chamunda is a revered Hindu Temple dedicated to Maa Chamundaji, situated in the Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh. The temple lies in a natural glade flanked by Dhauladhar Ranges. Presently, Himani Chamunda Temple is accessible via two trek routes from Jia village and another near Jadrangal Village.

himani chamunda dharamshala
himani chamunda

In order to make Himani Chamunda Temple accessible throughout year, the Government of Himachal Pradesh has awarded mandate to Usha Breco Limited to construct a Passenger Ropeway starting from Chamundaji Temple at Foothill to Himani Chamunda Temple.
The purpose of the ropeway shall be to provide easy connectivity to the ancient temple located at about 9000 feet, provide a breath-taking all-round view of the Kangra valley and the majestic Himalayan Dauladhar Ranges, provide whole year pleasant environs to the visitors. Above all, it will be one of the best year round mesmerizing and spellbinding family get away areas in the country and one of the best in the world with clean, unpolluted and physically comfortable environs.
The ropeway will cover 5542 meters of inclined length and carry passengers to a height of 2751 meters in approximately 20 minutes vis-à-vis a 7-12 km trek that takes at least 5-7 hours. The ropeway will have three terminals i.e. the Lower Terminal near Chamundaji temple, mid terminal at a height of ~ 6800 feet and Upper terminal near Himani Chamunda Temple at ~ 9000 feet height.
The company is building this ropeway with latest state of the art technology (Central European Norms technology) in collaboration with Doppelmayr, Austria, which is the biggest and the leading amongst the most modern ropeway companies in the world.
The company will also provide various amenities to the visitors, to enhance their experience of visit, to include restaurants at all terminals, play areas, landscape gardens, picnic spots (mid terminal), souvenir shops, photography points, washrooms, drinking water, waiting halls and other passenger facilities.
This project will provide safe and reliable mobility to the people travelling to the temple, and at the same time, it will increase the number of people visiting the shrine by making it more accessible, and all this without causing any damage to the local environment or polluting the upper reaches. With connectivity, the pilgrimage will gain further popularity and become a tourist destination accessible around the year, even during winters (unlike the current situation, wherein the site remains inaccessible during winters).
In addition to above, with increased tourist traffic, more direct & indirect economic activity will follow which should lead to better standard of living of locals, due to increased access to employment and business opportunities.

Other Details

1Section 1 Total Car / Gondola 33 Nos
2Section 2 Total Car / Gondola13 Nos
3Trip Time Section 113 Min
4Trip Time Section 25.2 Min
chamunda mata dham
new main enterance chamunda